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Meet Hazel

Hazel is our therapy dog. She is a beautiful, soft, and lovey St. Berdoodle. She will be 10 month old on the 18th. She will celebrate her first birthday November 18th.
Hazel has just recently celebrated her graduation from Beginning, Intermediate, and Advance Therapy Doggy School. Her favorite treat is bull horns, and she loves pup cups ice cream, and stuffed squeaky toys.
When she is not visiting and loving on us here at Southview, she enjoys playing and snuggling with her two furry sisters at home.
You may notice a few pixie dust hairs on your child's clothing the days she comes to visit and love on us, but no worries her hair will not trigger any allergies as she is a hypoallergenic dog.
We love Hazel very much and we hope you get a chance to meet her too.