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Summer School for Southview will be held June 2nd - 11th 9am -12pm
We Believe in Children

Principal's Message

Welcome to the Southview Preschool Center


Telephone: (765) 641-2360

Fax: (765) 640-5162


AM Session 8:50-11:35 and PM Session 12:45-3:30

 Letter from the Principal
We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with your child this year. I want to applaud you for choosing Southview Preschool Center as your child’s first school experience. We believe early intervention is THE BEST way to build into your family and our community. You will not be disappointed. Selecting Southview means you recognize the value of high-quality early childhood education.

Children attending Southview Preschool Center will be immersed in an approach to learning developed after WWII. Known as the Reggio Emilia style, children are taught by three teachers:


· Classroom teacher (a co-learner and collaborator)

· Parents

· Environment

At SPC, we put the natural development of children and their exploration of the world at the center of our philosophy. Children have every right to develop to their fullest potential. They are able to make sense of learning through playing and manipulating things in their environment rather than being seen as the target of instruction.

Instruction takes place in the form of projects married with a foundation in reading, writing, and math. Learning is not traditional, but CONSTRUCTIVIST. This means children build meaning from learning and doing. At Southview Preschool Center, children will be provided with a solid foundation and readiness skills needed to have future success as Anderson Community School Corporation students. EVERY teacher at Southview is licensed in Indiana, and you will not find another preschool program in the state offering this level of expertise. Together, we will build an environment bringing nature indoors, placing an emphasis on developmentally appropriate practice, and giving back to the community.