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Registration for new students 2020-21 Southview Preschool School year is August 7th. School begins August 17th.
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Information on Returning E-Learning Packets

Southview Preschool packets were created with the intent to continue our student's education in the home environment, while allowing the freedom to create experiences for the child and family. We take great pride in the education we provide for our students and also support the child as a whole and their family. With this being said, we hope that the packets we have provided helped you and your child grow closer and has maintained, if not extended their education, but we will not be requiring families to return the packets to us. 
If you have student in grades K-6th please find the information below for returning their packets.
Returning of both sets of E-learning packets will be by bus(10 am-noon) the weeks of May 18th, and May 26th. No pick up will be available on Memorial Day May 25th. You will give both packets with your child's name on it, to the bus driver during those times. There will also be a drop off available at each school, please reach out to your child's teacher for specifics for your particular school if you do not have that information. Make sure your student's name is on the packet before returning.
Thank you parents and families for working so diligently with your child(ren) to ensure they are completing their assignments. We know these are difficult times and something we all have never experienced before, so we applaud your efforts to help continue your child's education. Not enough can be said about the endless hours you have spent assisting your child, caring for them, ensuring their health and safety through this journey. Again Thank You, stay strong, and keep up the hard work. We will get through this together!